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During  these 12 years of the Cigar Smoking World Championship we have experienced a burst of interest and growth from the first Championship, held in 2010, with 42 guests to having to limit the number of guests to 230 in 202. During these 12 years we organised 223 CSWC tournaments with over yearly 1600 participants from 38 different countries. These tournaments have been held in over 60 cities  covering  more than 38countries.

Last Grand Finale of CSWC in 2022, we had guests from 42 different countries and participants in the  competition from 38 different countries. In 2023 we will have 42 qualification rounds ,  4 more  than previous year. We estimate that during this year there will be over  2000 people participating in the CSWC events. Grand Final became biggest International cigar festival on the soil of Europe and 4th biggest in the World.

C I G A R  W O R L D  U N I T E D