Such stratification is mirrored in everyday life of Split. Local inhabitants sit in the same cafes, restaurants, shop in the same stores as tourists, giving them the impression that, by arriving to Split, they became a part of the city and its rhythm. The vegetable market and the fish market represent the center of each family’s life in Split, just as the entire social life of this city of 300 thousand reflects on the Riva (waterfront), where every guest should endeavor to have his coffee alongside noisy, temperamental folk of Split. Split is much more than glorious architectural scenery. Split is also a venue for excellent gourmet and vine experiences, numerous cultural happenings. Split is on great location for daily escapes to the islands, waterfalls, or other wonders of beautiful nature in Split surroundings.


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To make steps on streets over 1700 years old and to be able to stop and drink your favourite espresso, or to enjoy a sea food lunch with a glass of superb local wine is a priceless experience

Surrounded by dozens of islands  and some of the smallest Dalmatian cities, Split provides perfect escape options in which you can choose from the peaceful beach with privacy to the famous city beaches and lounges, where  you can enjoy  cocktails and chill  atmosphere, but also and summer dancing parties and festivals

Dalmatian coast, where the city itself is located, is famous for it’s  crystal clear  sea water, blue lagoons and countless islands. This place is like a dream for all those who love sailing or

The famous blue cave, wind surfing, diving, going to the nearby waterfalls, hiking or rafting in the nearby canyon , all are locations that Split offers enabling you to experience many new adventures

Our small wine areas and regions, by the sea and full of sun, enable the production of high quality wines, in almost unlimited quantities. Our local food prepared in both traditional and modern ways  is among  the best in the World

Bustle of the city life of Split and the surrounding area is irresistible. Some of the most famous clubs in the world, such as Carpe Diem on the island Hvar, or just newly- clubs, pubs and street bars in an old palace offers an unforgettable night or day full of fun…

Because life is a moment… F U T U R E   I N F O R M A T I O N

The story of Split is 17 centuries old, dating to the time the Roman Emperor Diocletian decided to build his Palace to spend the last years of his life. During these 1700 years the Palace slowly turned into a city, which to this day lures with its rich tradition, glorious history and beauty of its natural and cultural heritage. Palace and the entire historical core of Split have been on the World Heritage UNESCO list ever since 1979, and not only for the extraordinary preservation of the Palace, but also because the Palace and its city continue to live a full life. All historical layers from the old Rome, middle ages till today are still visible and alive in this structure. It is just amazing to walk trough city streets and to feel history which is adjusted to the modern time, with tipical Mediteranean touch of life where sun and sea made enjoyment  so easy and simple

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