The Cigar Smoking World Championship was born out of

the true passion of cigars combined with the beauty of the

moments spent sharing this passion with like-minded people from all over the World.

M O R E  T H A N A  S M O K E

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World Champion

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Grand final

Makes Cigar World united

C I g a r   s m o k I n g   w o r l d   c h a m p I o n s h I p

What is the idea of the Cigar Smoking World  Championship? What is the vision, motivation, direction and energy? I D E A H I S T O R Y “Makes  the cigar world united” - by  Marko Bilic

Discover the harmony of  times past within the warm ,  welcoming  and unique atmosphere of our Club Mareva lounge. Our lounge provides privacy and relaxation to our  members and guests. It is a unique location situated within a 500 years old  UNESCO building

Created to be a symbol of friendship, quality, tradition and uniqueness. We present the CSWC Bespoke Mareva  limited editions series

Check the photo galleries of the Cigar Smoking World Championship and get  just a small flavour of CSWC experience. It is all about the emotion and the challenge, and more over it is fun. It is truly  time to be remembered

Our loyal partners are part of what makes the CSWC such a memorable experience. They are in fact an integral part of our CSWC family… thank you to you all

C H E C K  L A S T E S T S  N E W S News, info and results from  more than 20 qualification  tournaments from all around the World  plus many more actual news

To have diamond  in hand means to have something unique, so valuable, so beautiful and worth of admiration. For us, there are people around the World which are like diamonds….and we want to show to them how much we admire and respect them with our Mareva Diamond Leaf awards