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With year 2019 Cigar Smoking World Championship was celebrating it’s 10 th  anniversary and with 2020 it entered new decade. That was perfect moment for announcement of a  big step made in history of CSWC  - new official competition cigar and new partnership between CSWC and Rocky Patel. The Global cigar community was waiting for the new competition cigar with great impatience and now cigar is born. Rocky  and CSWC made even one step forward - production of CSWC RP line of cigars. That is the first time that Official partner dedicate whole line to CSWC and it is part of major portfolio of Rocky Patel line of cigars. Global cigar market is hit by three sizes -  Mareva for competition and training, and robusto and toro for pure pleasure of the CSWC RP blend. CSWC now through RP line of cigars offering challenge and enjoyment.


In  year 2014 during the CSWC Grand Final weekend Croatia, Mr Kolja Kukuk, sales director of Rocky Patel cigars for Europe was presenting brand new line of Rocky Patel cigars - Royal . All the guests was able to enjoy in a great taste of new RP cigar in the great atmosphere of CSWC Grand Final moments. That was inspiration for Mr Kukuk and founder of CSWC Mr Bilic who at that moment understood that same vision of the passion toward cigars through luxury, quality and experience are the strong common values between Rocky Patel and Cigar Smoking World Championship. This vision was brought by Mr Kukuk to Rocky Patel himself and Rocky as individual who made global success on his amazing possibility to feel and recognize true values and to to visualize them, immediately shown interest in something that today became reality.

Special  blend  is selected in Rocky Patel factory for CSWC line of cigars. It is ade from tobacco from Mexico, Nicaragua and Honduras in three different sizes. Check it out…

In year 2014 Rocky Patel and Marko Bilic  meet each other in Germany during Intertabac cigar fair. From that moment they clicked in sharing the same passion toward life, lifestyle and cigars. They believe that quality partnership can bring and great friendship. With CSWC cigar in the hands they started that journey and adventure.

Great cigars are more than just fire and tobacco. Only a true artist, who loves his craft as much as he respects it, can achieve the distinction and flavor of a premium cigar. Utilizing the finest tobaccos in the world, and an unyielding drive for excellence, Rocky Patel has redefined the industry.