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club or country among all that international cigar community. We believe this is the reason so many cigar lovers are making the decision to travel from all over the world to take part in the unique experience that the CSWC provides. It has become a global name in the Cigar World with qualification events now held in more than 30 Countries with the Grand final held every September in Split, Croatia. With competitors from over 35 countries represented, the Grand Final  is truly Global event bringing together cigar clubs and enthusiasts from across the world.

M A K E S   C I G A R   W O R L D   U N I T E D

The Cigar Smoking World championship is certainly an international competition in the slow smoking of cigars, but at the same time it is much more than just a competition - it is the perfect tool to wake up so many emotions in every cigar enthusiast. Through this medium of friendly competition international friends are reunited and new friends made, all of whom share the same passion of a shared cigar lifestyle. In addition to this the CSWC adds the spice of a personal challenge as well as group challenge releasing feelings of true fun, excitement and the sense of pride of  representing their

CSWC Is more than just a cigar festival... It is cigar experience that seeks to emphasis the True power of the cigar which we believe not only draws friendships together in a beautiful environment but can also awaken deep emotions through the experience of a personal challenge.

The annual Cigar Trophy Awards by Cigar Journal are the most prestigious awards in the cigar industry.

They are widely recognized as the “Oscars” for the cigar world. Many of the most famous personalities in the cigar industry have been winners