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The First Cigar Smoking World Championship was held in November 2010 over three days and right from the start it proved a great success with 42 guests and 17 participants from 6 different countries. For such a city as Split which, although having a long and rich history, had little or no  cigar culture this was truly a surprise. We knew that we had hit on something very special and thus the journey to bring cigar people together through the CSWC started

The Cigar Smoking World Championship was founded in

2010 by Marko Bilic, president and founder

of Cigar Club Mareva, Split, Croatia

It has been developed since 2010 by the

Cigar Club Mareva team

headed by Marko Bilic, and

Ivana Vrdoljak, Mareva Vice President

The  Cigar Smoking World Championship is a long lived dream of Marko Bilic, founder and organizer of this unique event that started out of his pure passion for cigars and quality time with great people. Due to the lack of a cigar culture in Croatia’s long history it perhaps was not surprising that many of Marko’s countrymen showed a great degree of pessimism in Marko’s dream. It was perhaps something that reinforced Marko’s determination to succeed in this “mad” venture and gather like minded people who shared in his  vision.  With his Vice President  Ivana

Vrdoljak and his team he changed cigar history. His strong and true passion  gathered around him a group of people who were not only connected by cigars, but by sincere friendship and true passion toward what they were doing – making cigar history in this small part of the World they call home. The Cigar Smoking World Championship is not an exclusive festival for cigar lovers only. The Mareva team made it weekend of true pleasure, hedonism, good entertainment, true friendships and most of all fun. People come to this festival to enjoy life, to seize every moment…

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